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Arjan van Steekelenburg

+31 6 42 48 07 35

"It is great to actively work together with our partners in the chain to make sure consumers can enjoy high quality, tasting products."

Manuel Ferrer Sanchez

+34 6 61 83 14 12

“I am proud to work closely with many partners involved in the vegetable supply chain. We are dedicated to supply a wide range of various varieties adapted to market trends and meeting the retailer needs, as well as consumer expectations.”

Superior Value for the Fresh Chain

Together with growers, Hazera and HM.Clause are extending its close contact partnership approach all along the fresh produce supply chain. We offer  true partnership, bringing superior value through our variety breeding and products. We seek to contribute to your growth, to generate better business. Choices in variety breeding, product and concept development are made based on preferences expressed by you as a partner in processing, trade or retail. We are open to long term cooperation enabling you to differentiate your offering and create sustainable competitive advantages.

Hazera and HM.Clause offer varieties in a wide range of crops including tomato, onion, pepper, watermelon, headed cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, melon, cucumber, radish, leek and lettuce, covering all major segments for these crops. Beside agronomic qualities such as yield and disease resistance, we are focusing on qualities required by the fresh chain such as year round supply, long shelf life, attractiveness, suitability for transportation, nutritional qualities, taste and convenience. With the clear aim to support all players in the chain in meeting increasingly demanding expectations from consumers.

Melon Minimel

Purple Brussel Sprouts

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