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Melons are one of the focuses of Hazera's R&D (that introduced the world to Galia melons), with exciting new varieties scheduled to join Hazera’s existing melon seed portfolio. The popularity and demand for melons is growing. Hazera continues its tradition of breeding new products hand in hand with all partners in the chain, to ensure that the final product addresses all the needs. 
Currently under development are innovative melon varieties of the Galia type: classic, long shelf life & specialties, with a focus on fruit qualities, attractive appearance and plants that are highly productive, resistant and strong. Special attention is paid to development of the finest flavor melons known as the Ananas type: Cream, Orange flesh and Specialties, with special characteristics, alongside attention to grower, chain and final consumer needs. Hazera is renown as a market and development leader in Galia & Ananas melon types that invests extensively in innovations.

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