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Reinout de Heer


"Over the past 15 years, I got to learn the difficulties, challenges, but above all the beauty of the crops. Working together with our partners in providing the right answers to the current and future needs in the chain is my biggest passion."

High yield, high quality. The golden combination.

Hazera’s onions portfolio is the result of years of intensive research and development activities,combined with the knowledge and needs gained from our partners in the industry. Hazera is committed to the continuous improvement of their onion portfolio by creating new varieties with better yields, disease resistances, storage and processing qualities. These new genetics bring improvements that the whole industry can rely on well into the future. Our onion range includes yellow, red, pink and white varieties across the crop-type segments of short day, intermediate day, long day and extreme long day, as well as overwintering, set and bunching onions.

Corporate Crop Brochure - Onion

Fieldbook Int. Open Days 2021

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Red Rover

High Quality Onions



Sowing onions

Red Onions



Advantage of using primed seeds

Breeding station Rilland

Red Onions UK

Onion varieties - USA


Time lapse video primed onion seeds

Onion varieties Africa

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