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The UK team

Presenting the latest highlights from the UK range

Mark Sutherland

+44 7860 286605

As General Manager for Hazera UK, I understand the importance of good customer relationships, together with advanced plant genetics selected specifically for UK market requirements.

I am passionate about Product Development, pushing boundaries to introduce varieties that can increase food production and reduce waste, with significant benefits to the market.

Nick Bolton

+44 7720 037983

The most exciting and fulfilling project this year has been assessing Hazera Brassica varieties during robotic harvesting. This development has the potential to ease the current labour crisis.

I get immense satisfaction from working with a highly professional and dedicated team to introduce new varieties, which can offer real benefits to growers.

Developing our range of varieties from multiple brands with customers in different regions is an interesting part of my role. It’s very rewarding when a variety takes market share.

I enjoy working with growers to develop new genetics that enable Hazera to provide the market with varieties offering improved uniformity, yield, and disease resistance.

Seeds of Growth

The experience and technological resources available as part of Group Limagrain provide Hazera with the ability to respond quickly to customer requirements and to adapt breeding programmes whenever needed. General Manager, Mark Sutherland, introduces the UK crop highlights for 2021.

Brassica 2021 Booklet

Hazera Catalogue 2022 and 2023

Clause Catalogue 2021 and 2022

Product videos

Fasto F1

Redrover F1

Radish Processing Hazera UK

White Cabbage Lucas F1

Pointed Cabbage 15-1075 F1

Pointed Cabbage 15-1110 F1

Pointed Cabbage Marquess F1

Red Cabbage Rozera F1

Savoy Cabbage 14-712 F1

White Cabbage Carrington F1

Cauliflower HMC 33376 F1

Broccoli Babilon F1

Carrot Octavo F1 and VAC 136 F1

Polydor F1